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B. Musique Vs. TCHC - 2017-2018.


Friday, February 15, 2018

So far the petition has almost 700 signatures!

Thank you!

We Will Win!!!


Thursday, Feb.14, 2018

It's my Birthday!

I started a petition to Save The Studio

Please sign it



Love you all!


Wednesday, Feb. 13, 2018.

TCHC Studio Eviction Battle Update

The last few days have been quite frustrating.

A mediator offered their services to the TCHC and myself. I was most willing to participate, but the TCHC declined their offer. They have declined offers of mediation previously, and they have repeated their intention to evict me, this time with a court order they vow to make me pay for.

They are also threatening to confiscate my equipment and or make claims against it.

In a nutshell, the TCHC are determined to shut down what may be the longest running 'Black Owned' Recording Studio in Toronto, and the works of many young and older black musicians (and many others) during Black History Month!

Talk about bad press! And bad karma!

I am starting a petition tonight. I hope you will sign it and share it. I remain hopeful that the will of the masses can sway the hardliners within TCHC.

Life is Hope!

In the meantime, I'm continuing to work on tracks with various clients (Big Up Corey Jones and John T Davis!).

Thanks again for all your support.



Monday, Feb. 5, 2018

Well, we were at the studio all day, and the TCHC staff did not show up.
I will be there this evening and Tuesday morning in case they do come by and try to evict me, or remove my belongings. If they do not have a court order, I will call the police. If they do, I will pursue an injunction.
I am applying with the Landlord Tenant Board to reopen and review the decision that denied my studio protection under the LTB. With luck, they will issue a Stop Order on the eviction until after a hearing, which, I was told, would not likely happen until sometime in March.
That said, I am also waiting to hear from the Human Rights Tribunal regarding my application, and my request for a Stop Order from them.
Thanks to all who showed up today! Your support means the world to me.
I will update you as things progress.
When we win and the dust settles, we'll be having a Big Bash!
Please keep up the pressure on the mayor and councilors. They're all asleep at the wheel on this. We need to wake them up and really make this town Music City!
Artists Studios need protection under the law!
So a call out to lawyers who want to make a change... Contact me, so we can make a precedent!
Art and Culture are essential to community.
In our city, far too many talented artists who aren't famous are looked down upon and not truly supported. This must change!
We have so much talent and so many who live to give, and deserve to be celebrated and PAID!
As Jim Heineman recently said, 'It's the 50th anniversary of the $100 gig'. And as #45 says, 'SAD'...
Much love.
Thanks again.



Sunday, Feb. 4, 2018


Studio owner and Artists Plan to Defend Studio from unfair eviction by TCHC.

Monday morning - Feb. 5 - at 8am, Bryant Didier, supporters and friends will be at his boutique recording studio at B3 - 331 Bartlett Ave.

They will be there to prevent the TCHC from fulfilling its promise to seize his equipment and lock him out, despite not having a court order to do so.

Bryant, who is the longest standing tenant in the building, and its only occupant of colour on lease, helped prevent the building from becoming a condominium in the 90s, thus paving the way for the TCHC to become its manager.

Bryant saved this building from gentrification and hoped that he had security of tenure, even after his 2nd child was born (in 331 Bartlett) in 2004 and he had to move out, keeping his studio space.

Bryant is not in arrears, and has the support of his fellow tenants (minus 1). And because he is a single father who also rents his home from TCHC, he fears that without income from his studio he may lose his home.

The TCHC know this, yet they are relentless. They have refused all communication and mediation. They have also refused his offers of partnership in community building programs going back over 5 years.

The TCHC have also refused to rent Bryant a space at the rear of the building. This space has been empty for 10 years, and was previously used as a recording studio by its last tenant (who was relocated after the discovery and subsequent removal of asbestos). Yet the TCHC say it is inappropriate. They are using the same reason for evicting him.

Bryant has had to resort to submitting a Human Rights Tribunal application against TCHC charging them with racism, threats and harassment.

Bryant has spoken to the police who have agreed to protect him if the TCHC attempt to remove him or his property without a court order.

Press are welcome to cover this event.

Bryant does not know exactly what day or time TCHC will arrive, but the TCHC document ordering him to remove his belongings gave him 5 days from Feb. 1.

Therefore he will be ready tomorrow at 8am.

This case is precedent setting and wanders into previously uncharted legal territory. For this reason, Bryant has had great difficulty finding legal representation.



5:00PM Friday, Feb. 2018.

I just filed an application against the TCHC with the Human Rights Tribunal. 
I'm charging them with Threats, Harassment and Racism.
And I'm asking for damages.

I also made them an offer. 
I'll drop it if they do (not our pants; -0

They are poised to lock my door and take possession of my gear on Monday, Feb.5.

I haven't been able to find a lawyer to file a stop order Monday.
Suggestions are welcome.

The problem is, it's complex, mixing commercial with residential, zoning, blah, blah...

I hope this charge makes them back off, but I'll be there, holding it down. 
8:00 AM
Anyone who wants to come down is welcome.


Feb. 1, 2018


A representative from the TCHC came and posted a letter on the studio door giving me 5 days to vacate.

At the same time, a reporter (Mark Streeter) from NOW Magazine walked in! 

We had a great interview. 

It'll be interesting to hear what the TCHC has to say.

I have 5 days to vacate (according to them).

January 29, 2018

I'm still recovering from this weekend's Grand / Last Stand Session Party.

What a great event. I'll definitely do that again (but not for the same reason : - )

Thank all of you who made it out!

Thanks for playing, hanging, sharing and caring!

I'll update you asap as things progress.

It ain't over yet!

One Love!

January 25, 2018

This morning's Board Meeting synopsis.

Thank you, my friends and fellow artists who showed up on this cold morning.

The TCHC uses lies to cover up the fact that they have no valid reason to proceed with this eviction.
And they repeat those lies to obfuscate the fact that they are acting out of malice.

After 2 impassioned speeches by myself and Josephine Mackie, detailing the lies and misinformation used to justify the eviction, and providing solutions and alternatives, they proceeded to repeat the same lies and invalid statements used in the past to avoid moving forward in a more conciliatory fashion.

The phrases 'storage room', 'apartment building' and 'not appropriate' rang through the conference room like a mantra.

They seem to be robots. Not all, but most. No care or concern. Just a blind mission. They seem bent on destroying my livelihood.

Although they seem determined to follow through with the eviction, I am also determined.

I still have a couple of options. And CITY TV were there to cover it, so the public will be made aware and perhaps sway the TCHC brass with a shame campaign.

After our deputations my dear friend Eryn Rene and the group of us sang, and we marched out to her song 'Save The Studio'.
It was beautiful!

The security guards even loved it, and apologized while guiding us out.

Thanks David Hines, Nadia High, John T Davis, Kimio Oki, Ion Tynes, and Fred Middleton for being there and supporting me.

And thanks to all who couldn't make it and sent your support. I love you all!

You are all such honourable people. And I am blessed to have such fine friends.

And regardless of what happens next week, I know things will work out, even if I have to chain myself to the studio at the end of the month!

January 24, 2018



Call Out To Friends, Family and Lovers of Music, Art and Culture.

Protest Unfair Studio Eviction:
Thursday, January 25, 2018.
TCHC offices.
Conference Room, Ground Floor.
931 Yonge St. Just S of Rosedale Station.
If you would like to make a deputation, please sign in with the Board Secretary.
Hope to see you there!
One Love!

January.15, 2018

On Monday, Jan. 8, 2018 I sent a letter to TCHC's legal department indicating that I have not found an alternate, affordable location, and I am not prepared to move my studio out of 331 Bartlett Ave by their eviction date of Jan. 31, 2018. I asked for an extension of time.

In a previous conversation with the legal department, I mentioned that this may be the case, and their lawyer said that they would consider it when the time came.

Their response was heartless, brief and hardly considered (but not surprising).

The have ordered me to be out by Jan. 31/18!

The agreement that they forced me to sign, which binds me to vacate by Jan. 31/18, was signed under duress, which I expressed clearly to the TCHC legal representative at the time of signing.

I am now exploring various means to once again stop this unfair and unnecessary eviction.

I have a few options...

One is to appeal to government representatives, and ask them to squash this action. I'm starting with City Hall. TCHC is ruled by The City and have to answer to and obey them. I will visit City Hall and appeal to the appropriate departments. This is my first choice. I know that they have helped others succeed in reversing evictions and providing compensation to tenants.

I will also approach various councillors.

Another is to file a lawsuit arguing the merits of this eviction and requesting damages. I'm exploring a challenge to the legal and moral right for TCHC to evict me, based on such baseless reasoning. As well, I could charge them with harassment. The problem is that this process could be expensive and time consuming.

Another is to stay and challenge them after they try to lock me out. Risky!


There are, no doubt, other tactics that I haven't mentioned or thought of.


I appreciate any sound advice and/or insights on this matter. If you hold knowledge that could be helpful or have a brilliant idea, feel free to call or email me.


I may need to call upon you to join me in attending and protesting the eviction at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Details below.

I will let you know by the coming weekend.

I am trying to avoid this route, and find a faster, better solution.

I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for all your support!

Peace and Love!



Public TCHC Board Meeting


931 Yonge Street, Conference Room, Ground Floor

Thursday, January 25, 2018.

Start 9:30 am

End 11:30 am


December 11, 2017

TCHC Public Board Of Directors Meeting

A number of you made it to the protest. 

Josephine Grey, Sandra Whitely, Tom Hamilton, Nadia High, Jaffa (Dieufaite) Charles, Sharrae Lyon, Lizwie Mahashe, Zoe Ackah, Paul Dakota, Kevin Nelson, Eryn Rene,  Johnny Blue, Alana Edwards, Derick Lindo, Carrie Chesnutt, John T Davis, Rivka Kletski, Et al...   

Thank You for getting up on a cold Monday morning and helping me make a point to the Board!!!

It was compelling, and I am certain that the Board members will now address this issue.

I will let you know what transpires.

November  23, 2017

The  legal department at the TCHC have pulled a move, stopping me from communicating with the Board of Directors, who are holding a public meeting on December 11, 2017.

I encourage you to contact the Board members and question them about this issue.

You can also ask to make a deputation yourself!

The link to the Board members is below.


October 20, 2017

Yesterday, in Divisional Court (Osgoode Hall), I lost my case.

I was asking the judge to allow me to Appeal the Landlord Tenant Board ruling (Jan.2016) that determined the studio was commercial

'therefore I could not receive the protections of the LTB'

After the hearing, I had in interview with CBC News (Philip Lee-Shanook) at the studio.

They did a great piece, that's on TV this weekend, and available online. 

Also, I received an email from TCHC's legal department, giving me until Jan.31/18.

They also remove the requirement that I pay court costs.

This has been a powerful and highly educational experience! 

Last night I did a lot of soul searching. I sailed over to on Wards Island (cell-free), and discussed possibilities with Jo and my buddy Gebby.

It was quite inspirational.

I have a lot of ideas I'll be sharing, and I'll appreciate your input on some of them.

There are so many things that have to change for artists in our City.

We need each other now, more than ever!

I'm excited about the future!

Bless All!





I've held them off until Oct.19/17

I have arranged for a hearing in Divisional Court on Oct.19 - 10AM

There, I will plead with the judge for the right to have the LTB Ruling about my Studio being Commercial -

(thus sending me to the jackals)

- Overturned and ReHeard, based on a variety of factual reasons.

So... It's not over yet, but I feel like things are starting to get better already!

Thanks for the well-wishes, the prayers and your love!

And a very heartfelt "Thank You To The Stars and Back..." Josephine Grey / Mackie. 

My friend, my love, my heart. 


At this juncture, I am challenging my landlord (TCHC) who have decided (for some nefarious reason) that I am operating a commercial business in a residential building.

They have given me until September 30, 2017 to move out!

How absurd! They manage this building because i (and the original tenants) convinced the City of Toronto to purchase it, so it would not be converted into yet another condominium!

_______How Ironic!_______


I am constantly learning that the path to fulfilling ones career and life dreams,
as well as maintaining a healthy and happy life
is rather simple…
"Do what you love,
do it with passion and dedication.
Do it to the very  best of your abilities
(and always with love).
 Respect the craft and your audience.
Give back when you can.
And be grateful!


And I should also add this:

Fight for your rights!!!

That's basically just about it, in broad strokes…
So, dear visitor,
Thank you!
And Welcome To:
B. Musique Productions / Studio

… my small - but mighty - recording studio 
in west-downtown Toronto.
I have been running this little laboratory since 1989!

This studio has been described as:
Cool / intimate / Boutique

My skills and services include;
Composition / Recording / Production / Mixing and Mastering

The studio is located in an over 110 year old  former school-house... 

I love working on great recordings
with creative, expressive artists - like you.

My name is Bryant Didier (also known as 'B. Valentine'
To my friends, I'm just 'B'

You're welcome to call me B!

I've been making music of almost every style here and elsewhere for a long time...
I've worked with artists from all over the world. And I've played almost every instrument invented (some badly, others very well)....

I love music with a deep and constant passion!
And I strive to create tracks that stand the test of time, in quality, production value, originality and vibe.
Welcome to my music lair...

Please come on in, and let me help you make great recordings!

Hope to see you soon!